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Our careers

Growing together

Since we started in 1921, we’ve worked together to foster a culture of teams working together, always putting patients at the heart of everything we do. Everyone at Cleveland Clinic is listened to and empowered to make an impact ensuring that as we grow, you grow as well.

Our careers


Globally, Cleveland Clinic currently employs over 24,000 nursing professionals across our hospitals in the US, Canada and Abu Dhabi. Our patient-centric model of care is internationally recognised for its high quality and we truly believe that our nursing staff play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional patient safety and outcomes.

Allied Health

Allied Health professionals form a core part of Cleveland Clinic’s model of care across all its facilities. Cleveland Clinic London will employ over 100 AHPs including physician associates, nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, dieticians, radiographers and others. These Caregivers play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional patient care.

Doctors and Surgeons

The Office of Professional Staff Affairs (OPSA) is a dedicated support team for our specialist consultants. OPSA looks after consultant recruitment and provides ongoing support to optimise governance, credentialing, conduct and HR requirements. From benefits advice to helping improve professional wellbeing, members of OPSA are here to assist you.

Business Functions

Everyone at Cleveland Clinic London, whether in the HR, Marketing or Finance team is a Caregiver, delivering excellent care to all our patients. Our doctors and other clinicians are integrated within Clinical Functions to provide a seamless team of healthcare professionals.