Our Nurses are extremely specialised – using their skills to deliver the very best care, and working to promote the health and wellbeing of our patients. Nurses collaborate with Consultants to develop and maintain an exceptional level of care throughout the patient journey.

Our Departments

Nursing Leadership

As part of Nursing leadership, you’ll oversee the whole Nursing team and be the voice of Nursing in the organisation. In this team, you’ll provide support and build relationships with the wider Cleveland Clinic London community and the global organisation.


Ambulatory Nursing is about looking after patients who don’t need to be looked after overnight. This is will be the first service that will open ahead of our hospital opening, and the first team to see patients.

Critical Care

In the Critical Care Nurse team, we look after patients who need the most attention. From patients who are critically ill, to patients who need urgent care, our job is highly complex and involves the highest level of knowledge and expertise.


As part of our Inpatient Nursing, you’ll look after our patients across our inpatients wards for each of our four specialties. Here, we also employ a team of Health Care Assistants to form our full specialist teams.

Healthcare Assistant

As a Healthcare Assistant, you’ll look after our patients across various wards and help us provide them with the best possible care. Working with other Caregivers and specialists, your skills and experience will help ensure our patients’ needs are met.


In Perioperative Nursing we cover a range of surgical specialities including Cardiovascular, Thoracic, Neurosurgery, Spinal Surgery, Orthopaedics, Colorectal and Urology. Working in Perioperative Nursing means you’ll be looking after patients using state-of-the-art facilities including a hybrid theatre, three integrated theatres and Intra Operative MRI facilities.

Education & Quality

The Education & Quality includes a team of Nurse Educators responsible for developing nursing induction, orientation, competencies and professional development programmes. They do this by using evidence-based methodologies that embrace patient-centred care, the nursing professional practice model and shared decision making.

Nursing Support

The Institute managers partner with the Institute and Department Chairs and nursing leadership to manage all aspects of institute performance including quality & safety, patient access, strategic planning, operational performance, productivity and financial performance.

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