Teaching new skills

Education and Quality

The Education & Quality team includes Nurse Educators, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nursing Quality who support and develop nursing professional practice focusing on excellence, collaboration, quality, safety and best practices.

Department and roles

Nursing Quality

The Nursing Quality Manager facilitates and supports nursing departments to implement best practices enhancing nursing efficiency, patient safety, quality of patient care and experience, utilising quality metrics, continuous improvement processes and the shared governance model.


+Quality Manager

Nursing Education Team

The Nursing Education team fosters creativity and innovation of nursing practice. They deliver innovative teaching and learning strategies with the use of state-of-the -art information and communication technologies whilst adopting individualised experiential learning through simulation-based and inter-professional education.


+Clinical Nurse Educators

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Our Clinical Nurse Specialists are imperative to a patient’s care and experience. They manage inpatient care and provide outpatient nurse-led clinics. Continual education underpinning evidence-based practice puts our Clinical Nurse Specialists at the forefront of being key role models, educators, facilitators and advocates for our patients and Caregivers.


+Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Clinical Nurse Specialist
+Orthopaedic Clinical Nurse Specialist
+Digestive Diseases Clinical Nurse Specialist
+Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist
+Upper GI Clinical Nurse Specialist
+Neurosciences Clinical Nurse Specialist
+Pain Clinical Nurse Specialist
+Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist
+Tissue Viability Clinical Nurse Specialist
+Resuscitation Officer Clinical Nurse Specialist

Learning & development

Helping our Caregivers grow 

With a national shortage for Caregivers in specific roles,  from nurses and HR specialists to IT professionals — we’re constantly working to refine our strategies and develop new pipelines to find the top specialists in their field. At Cleveland Clinic London, we’re committed to helping you grow in your career, and we’ll provide you with the right tools to develop new skills and help you set short and long-term goals. 

At the forefront of healthcare

Whether it’s enrolling on a leadership course, or being one of the first in the country to use new medical technology, when you join us, you can be sure that your knowledge will advance with industry innovations.

Tailored career development

We invest in continuous learning and development programmes. We blend traditional classroom teaching, with a variety of methods such as on-the-job training, online learning and simulations.

A learning culture

We have a learning culture of curiosity, ownership, openness and collaboration, and we’re committed to providing learning and development opportunities for Caregivers at all levels.

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