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Medical Subspecialties

Our Medical Subspecialties Institute will offer comprehensive, accessible, and state-of-the-art hospital medicine services delivered by clinical leaders. We will be working closely with the Medicine Institute in the United States, a global leader in hospital medicine and diabetes research, to translate cutting-edge research and innovation into superior personalised care for patients

Departments and roles

Acute Admissions Unit

Our Acute Admission Unit (AAU) will act as a front-of-house for urgent, unplanned but not emergency admissions. The unit will have 12 beds, and provide services to patients with acute medical or surgical conditions who need immediate admission for diagnostic tests and treatment.

Other medical subspecialties

We are designing a team based approach to delivering clinical support and expertise across a range of medical specialties. These physicians will design a service based on a group medical practice, where our team of experts is able to support complex medical problems in out-patient and hospital settings.


+ Dermatology
+ Diabetes and Endocrinology
+ Haematology
+ Infectious Diseases
+ Psychiatry
+ Renal
+ Respiratory and Bronchoscopy

Learning & development

Helping our Caregivers grow

At Cleveland Clinic London, we’re committed to helping you grow in your career, and we will provide you with the right tools to develop new skills and help you set short and long-term goals. We’re also constantly working to refine our strategies and develop new pipelines to find the top specialists in their field.

At the forefront of healthcare

Whether it’s enrolling on a leadership development course, or being one of the first in the country to use new medical technology, when you join us, you can be sure that your knowledge will advance with industry innovations.

Tailored career development

We invest in continuous learning and development programmes. We blend traditional instructor-led training, with a variety of methods such as on-the-job training, online learning and simulations.

A learning culture

We have a learning culture of curiosity, ownership, openness and collaboration, and we’re committed to providing learning and development opportunities for Caregivers at all levels.

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